Japan has over 750 GW of wind power potential

Japan has over 750 GW of wind power potential: 168 GW for onshore wind energy  and over 600 GW for offshore wind power.

Less than one percent of Japan’s energy is currently produced by wind power.


A contract for two offshore wind farms in Japan has been won by Marubeni Corporation. The site is off the coast of Akita Prefecture, in the northern part of Honshu, Japan’s largest island. The 65 MW wind farm is near the Akita port and will have 13 5 MW wind turbines. An 80 MW wind farm will have 16 5 MW wind turbines, and will be located near Noshiro port. Both parks should be operating in 2021.

Some barriers to expanding wind power in Japan have been a fishing industry that has not wanted to share open ocean space with the wind industry. The waters off the coast of Japan tend to be deeper, so installing wind turbines has some technical challenges.

Still, Japan has a strong technology and engineering culture, so some of these hurdles can be overcome.