More than 50 GW of installed wind energy capacity was added in 2014: total wind power capacity close to 370 GW

More than 50 GW of installed wind power capacity was added worldwide during 2014, according to a new report from the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA).

According to WWEA data, the yearly amount pushes the total wind power capacity close to 370 GW, or 40% greater than 2013, which is significantly larger than the previous record in 2012, when 44.6 GW was installed.

Among the more notable findings, the WWEA data revealed the following:

  • The top 12 countries alone installed 44.8 GW of new wind power plants, with half of them setting new national records;
  • China added 23.3 GW, the largest number a country has ever added within one year, reaching a total capacity of 115 GW;
  • Germany has become the second-largest market for new turbines, adding 5.8 GW from onshore and offshore wind turbines;
  • The U.S. wind energy market recovered from its previous slump and reached 4.9 GW;
  • The newcomer of the year is Brazil with additional capacity of 2.8 GW, the first time that a Latin American country has reached such figure;
  • NewnationalinstallationrecordswerealsoachievedinCanada (1.9GW) andSweden (1GW); and
  • Denmark set a new world record by reaching a wind power share of 39% in the domestic power supply.

For the first time since 2009, the speed of growth was bigger than in the previous year: The global installed wind power capacity grew by 16% compared with the year 2013, significantly higher than the previous 12.8%.

Wind power is now an undisputed pillar of the electricity supply in many parts of the world. The 370 GW of wind power installed worldwide can now contribute close to 5% of the global electricity demand. Several countries – such as Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, U.K. and Germany – have now reached 10% or more of their power coming from wind, the association notes.