Record month for wind energy in Scotland

The biggest day for output for wind power was on December 10 when there was enough energy generated to supply 6.34 million homes for the whole day, analysis from WWF Scotland showed.


WWF said wind turbines generated enough power to supply over 100 per cent of Scottish households on 25 out of the 31 days of December.

Throughout the year wind provided enough power for the electrical needs of 98 per cent of Scottish households, with solar power meeting two-thirds or more of household electricity or hot water needs, it added.

Lang Banks, WWF Scotland’s director, said: “Without doubt, 2014 was a massive year for renewables, with wind turbines and solar panels helping to ensure millions of tonnes of climate-wreaking carbon emissions were avoided.

“With 2015 being a critical year for addressing climate change internationally, it’s vital that Scotland continues to press ahead with plans to harness even greater amounts of clean energy.

“December turned out to be a record-breaking month for wind power, with enough green energy generated to supply a record 164 per cent of Scottish households with the electricity they need. Even on calmer days, wind still supplied the equivalent of over a third of electricity needs of every home.”

Using data provided by WeatherEnergy, the charity said for homes fitted with solar photo-voltaic systems, there was enough sunshine in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow or Inverness to generate an estimated 100 per cent or more of the electricity needs of an average property during June and July and 60 per cent or more in the same four cities during March, April, May, August and September.

Karen Robinson, of WeatherEnergy, added: “We’re famous in the UK for our obsession with the weather, but how often do we see it in a positive light? At a time when the world is desperately looking for low-carbon sources of energy, the data show that clean renewables are already playing a significant and growing role in Scotland’s, and the rest of the UK’s, overall energy mix. We just need to blow their trumpet a bit more.

“Scotland is clearly leading the way when it comes to wind power. However, despite misconceptions, Scotland also has potential for sun-loving renewables too. The data clearly show that there’s plenty of sunshine to meet a significant proportion of an average family’s electricity needs for most months of the year – even during some of the winter months. With hundreds of thousands of roofs, it would make sense to tap more of the sun’s power.”