Concentrated Solar Power: DII moves to Dubai

The present shareholders of Dii are ACWA Power (Saudi Arabia), SGCC (China) and RWE (Germany).

After a mandate of 3 years and an extension of another 2 years Dii has finalized the first part of its long term mission: creating together with all relevant stakeholders the conditions for desert concentrated solar power in MENA and its integration into the power markets of MENA and Europe. “We could not have made this achievement without the support, engagement and often also the warm interest and friendship of many stakeholders, such as the industry, many governments, institutions, NGO’s, but also with a lot of interested people in many countries.”

“The next part of our long term mission will be to dedicate our attention to the emerging energy projects and grid extensions on the ground in MENA and possible connections/exchanges between the MENA and European markets. For that reason our main base will move from Munich to Dubai and ultimately to other cities in MENA. This will in particular ensure that the local needs, cultures and opportunities will be represented and taken into account in the best possible way. Of course we will stay represented in Europe, as Europe will undoubtedly remain an important neighbor.”

This “New Dii” will, thus, be solely committed to a ‘no nonsense’ focus on improving conditions for concrete RE projects in MENA and on preparations for long term exchanges between related power markets (which may ultimately lead to a significant delivery of relatively cheap electricity by MENA countries to Europe). We will establish a circle of engaged companies sharing hands-on wind-, solar-, grid- and market-expertise and will, thus, ensure continuity of our well known annual conferences and other events. Feel free to contact us if you wish to stay in tune with the market as part of an international family of companies with an eye on the practical side of the long term energy transition.

We take this occasion to recall a number of important Dii products, which one way or the other may still serve your business purposes: Desert Power 2050, showing the synergies of coupling power systems, published in 2012, Desert Power Getting Started, with a number of recommendations, published in 2013 and Desert Power Getting Connected/Grid studies for EUMENA pointing at the added value of grid connections, published in 2014. This year Dii has been particularly productive with practical information on existing and planned projects, such as Dii’s project maps, the MENA wind map and “LCOE maps”, including grid and market aspects. In addition we created a MENA focused comprehensive renewable energy project database and a “GIS-database”, which in their level of detail are still unparalleled in the market. If not enough we also produced a number of legal reviews and position papers and financing vehicles, supporting the great outstanding “Energiewende” debates and highlighting practical hurdles for projects.

The publicly available information and reports can be found and downloaded from our website:

We thank all friends and supporters of Dii for the warm support and guidance in good and bad times. After all we all can be proud to be part of a historic paradigm shift that we have initiated together. Although we may see from time to time confused messages in the (mainly German) press like ‘Desertec is dead’ or “Desertec failed”, we can be sure that our impartial approach of balancing energy efficiency, decentralized renewables and remote renewable has convincingly made a break-through and cannot be stopped anymore. Therefore we are particularly proud that Dii, in its new setting, will simply continue its work.


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