Enel Green Power wind energy is growing in Chile

With its 99MW Taltal wind power, Enel Green Power has strengthened its presence in Chile, one of the most active Latin American countries as regards green energy development.


Enel Green Power has completed and grid-connected Taltal, its largest wind farm in Chile. It features 33 units of 3MW wind turbines that will generate an estimated 300GWh of energy annually, meeting the needs of some 170,000 Chilean households.

An investment of around $190 million was required for the construction of the new wind farm, whose generated electricity will be bought by Chile’s Central Region Transmission Network under a 20-year power purchase agreement.

Thus EGP strengthens its presence in Chile, one of the most active countries in Latin America as regards the development of green energy. In fact, this country is set to raise to 20 percent its renewable energy share in energy consumption by 2025, and to this end it has enforced regulations promoting non-conventional renewable energy sources and has simplified procedures for obtaining permits, without introducing economic incentives.

Zooming out, in the whole of Latin America renewable sources will grow considerably over the next few years. In fact, the installed capacity will double by 2030 thanks to cost reduction and the high and still untapped potential of geothermal, solar photovoltaic and wind power, according to the WorldWatch Institute’s “Study on the Development of the Renewable Energy Market in Latin America and the Caribbean” forecast.

In particular, in Chile the Group’s renewable generation portfolio amounts to 403 MW, of which 92 MW from hydropower, 279 MW from wind farms and 39 MW from solar photovoltaic plants. Additionally, the 61 MW Talinay Poniente wind farm, as well as the 36 MW Diego de Almagro, the 60 MW Lalackama and the 40 MW Chañares solar facilities are under construction. Furthermore, the company is active in the geothermal field, and is exploring various concessions with a potential exceeding 100 MW.