Suzlon conducting study for offshore wind energy in India

Suzlon is conducting a feasibility study for an offshore wind power project in India.

The wind energy project, if it materialises, would be the country’s first such project.

Suzlon, which is conducting the study in Gujarat, has been keen on bringing offshore wind power projects to India.


Senvion SE, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Suzlon, enjoys leadership in the offshore wind energy segment. Senvion introduced its multi-megawatt offshore wind turbines 10 years ago and has installed more than 130 such wind turbines offshore. Offshore installation is far more complex and Senvion is among the few players with competence in the field. It completed one of the largest offshore wind farms in Europe for a total cost of 1.3 billion euros.

Senvion has just erected the prototype of the 6.2M152, which has the largest rotor diameter in the product range. The 6.2M152 is the largest commercially proven offshore turbine with a power rating of 6.2 MW. The Hamburg-based company has already sold the 6.2M152 prototype. In conjunction with the customer, Ewe Erneuerbare  GmbH, commissioning is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2014.

The Senvion 6.2M152 could enter serial production in 2015, the company said. With the 6.2M126, the company already manufactures the largest commercial turbine for offshore projects. The project is a first for the company in two respects — the blades of this size have never been developed, built, transported and assembled, and such a large rotor star has never been pulled and assembled. With a diameter of 152 metres, the swept area is larger than three football pitches.

Tulsi R Tanti, chairman of the Suzlon Group and the Senvion Supervisory Board, said: “The prototype of the Senvion 6.2M152 is based on the highly reliable 6.2M126 WTG and takes us one more step towards reducing the cost of energy with highest reliability and quality. The large rotor diameter,  when compared to the erstwhile Senvion 6.2M126,  will result in higher energy yields of up to 20%. With this turbine, we will further capitalise on our strong position in the offshore wind-energy market, Tanti said.

Senvion has erected the prototype of its 6.2M152 offshore wind turbine in Germany. The large 6.15 MW turbine builds upon the company’s 6.2M126 model and has a rotor diameter of 152 meters.

The prototype, located onshore near Langen-Neuenwalde, has already been sold to EWE ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN GmbH. Commissioning of the turbine is scheduled to be completed by year-end.

The company says that because the 6.2M152 has a larger rotor diameter of 152 meters compared to the 6.2M126’s 126 meters, the energy yield at wind speeds of 9.5 m/s is increased by up to 20%. The new machine’s nacelle alone is as big as “two detached houses” and will be constructed offshore at a hub height of between 97 and 100 meters, adds Senvion.

“With the Senvion 6.2M152, we are setting standards in the cost-effective generation of offshore wind energy,” says Russell Stoddart, chief technology officer of Senvion, later adding, “We will further consolidate our strong position in the offshore wind energy market with this turbine.”

The company says the Senvion 6.2M152 could enter serial production next year.