Nordex has won a 15 years wind energy contract to supply 19 wind turbines for a wind farm in Lithuania

Nordex AG has won a 15 years wind power contract, to supply and install 19 wind turbines for a wind farm in Lithuania.



It includes a premium service contract for a minimum of 15 years. The contract is from UAB Pamario jegainiu energija, a company owned by Lithuania-based Orion Alternative Energy Fund and Dutch-company Energy Investment Fund.

The Mazeikiai project is located in the north west of Lithuania close to the town of the same name.

Nordex will install 19, N117/2400 turbines and mount them on 120-metre towers, as per the contract.

The wind-farm at Mazeikiai, with 37 percent above-average capacity factor, will supply electricity to about 75,000 households in the region. The contract is scheduled to commence in spring 2015.