Benefits of Solar Energy

Sun is the ultimate source of energy on earth and life on Earth is due to the power (energy) provided by the Sun. Scientists have developed the technology to directly convert the Solar Energy into Electricity with the help of photovoltaic cells. The ‘Solar Energy’ refers to the power generated from the Sun in the day time.

In the day time photovoltaic cells can be used to generate the electricity and energy can be stored in the battery for use in the nigh. The energy generated from the photovoltaic cells can be use at the day time also. The energy generated by the Solar Cells are free energy and it is also Renewable Energy which is Environmentally-friendly.

Here are the benefits of Solar Energy:

Solar Energy in Abundance – Solar Energy is every where in the day time and it can be used to generate the power in tremendous amount. Solar Energy generation cab be combined with the wind turbines and the traditional fossil fuel based energy system to generate power in abundance.

Home users can use the photovoltaic cells to generate the power and reduce the energy bill.

Renewable Energy – The Solar Energy is renewable energy source and it is environmentally-friendly.

Low Cost – Solar Energy is low cost energy source. Solar energy is the free source of energy and it just requires one time investments in the installation of the solar panels. Battery used by the solar system to store the power is also very durable which makes the Solar power less costly.

Pollution free source of energy – Solar energy does not require the burning of fossil fuels and thus it is pollution free source of energy. There is no adverse effect on the environment. So, Solar power is the best source of pollution free engery.

Save Money for Home users – You can use the Solar Energy at you home and save the power bill.

Save Earth – You save a lot of fossil fuel just by using the Solar Energy at your home. Tones of carbon emission can be controlled if home user starts using the Solar Power at their home. Home solar power can be integrated with the power provided by the power companies to save the fossil fuels thus saving the earth.

Power in remote location – The Solar power is available everywhere so you can use use the solar panels in the remote areas to generate the power. It can be used to run the water wells in the remote locations where there is no supply of electricity. In many locations in the world solar energy is used in the remote locations to generate power.

Maintenance free source of energy – The solar energy is almost maintenance free source of energy and in most of the cases you just have to spend the money on the battery or small equipments. Once installed you can use the Solar Energy to generate the power for years without or very less maintenance.

Infinite source of energy – It is estimated that the worlds oils reserve will only last for 30-40 years, but the Solar Energy is unlimited. Solar energy will last as long as sun is present.

How Solar Power is generated?

There are two ways of generating the solar power:

1. Photovoltaic cells – The photovoltaic cells are capable of generating the power in the sun light. This way both home and commercial electricity is being generated.

2. Concentrating Solar Power Projects – This the preferred way of generating the power on large commercial scale. Here the glasses are used to first concentrate the power to heat the water to convert it to vapor which then runs the turbine. Turbine is connected to the generator to generate the electricity.