Vestas and Danish government announce support for wind power project in Indonesia

At the Global Green Growth Forum in Copenhagen, Vestas and the Danish government announced their support of a wind energy project at the Sumba Island in Indonesia.

The wind power project will be part of Vestas’ Wind for Prosperity program and is endorsed by the Indonesian government. 


Indonesia consists of thousands of islands – hundreds of which are permanently inhabited. Due to the relatively small population on some of them, electricity production is often based solely on diesel generators and as such both costly and polluting.

The Sumba Island has set an ambitious goal to reach 100 % renewable energy by 2025 and therefore need to exploit the wind resources. Through its Wind for Prosperity programme, Vestas will supply a refurbished V47-660kW turbine and Danish government development programme, Danida, will fund the viability gap in the pilot project.

“We are honored to take part in the ambition to supply the Sumba Island with 100 % renewable energy. This is an important quest, as it has the potential to lead the way for countless islands in Indonesia and elsewhere by showing how wind can deliver affordable electricity in rural areas in a sustainable manner,” says Morten Albæk, GSVP at Vestas and initiator of Wind for Prosperity.

Vestas’ Wind for Prosperity programme is bringing affordable, decentralized hybrid-solutions to rural areas to reduce energy poverty and decrease CO2 emissions. The Sumba Island wind pilot project will be supported by Danida.

Danish Minister for Trade & Development Cooperation Mogens Jensen says: “We are facing the great challenge on finding a way to provide the world’s poorest with electricity. This calls for innovative solutions and new partnerships between governments and private companies. Development assistance plays an important role in order to create growth in development countries, and I hope that the inhabitants on Sumba Island will benefit from this pilot project by gaining access to green energy and hereby inspiring other Indonesian Islands. To the benefit of the Indonesian people, the climate and eventually employment in Denmark. We hope to spread such solutions to other rural parts of the world through 3GF.”

The Indonesian government is pleased with the support from Vestas and Danida.

”I would like to express our highest appreciation and thanks to the Government of Denmark and Vestas for support to Indonesia to develop our renewable energy sector”, said Mrs. Maritje Hutape, Director Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. “The wind project can be used as lesson learnt for developing other renewable energy resource, not only at Sumba Island but also at national level.

At the end, increasing access to sustainable energy will bring more prosperity and welfare to the people.”