Wind energy could power Wisconsin

Coal power is the main source of man-made CO2. More carbon pollution means hotter weather.

So it’s no surprise that April, May, June and August 2014 have been the hottest such months on record worldwide.

When it’s costly to prevent carbon emissions but free to dump CO2 into the air, why bother clean up? Only smog-choked China has an incentive.

Clean coal will remain a myth as long as emissions are unregulated.

Somehow climate change has become part of a perverse ideology that mistrusts science, and resists regulation to keep the place habitable. You hear this from Rush Limbaugh. In Limbo land – global warming is a left wing government plot to dominate the world.

The US could run on 100 percent renewable energy by 2050, according to a recent plan from a Stanford scientist. Wisconsin has enough wind resource for four times its electricity needs. Solar power is also feasible. The state’s annual solar irradiation averages  are higher than Germany’s who produce over 50% of their electricity from solar. Wisconsin produces 0.03%. Notwithstanding such potential, Wisconsin has one of the lowest Renewable Portfolio Standards nationwide.

Premiums for generating clean energy will be insurance against the “skyrocketing” costs of unmitigated climatic change. Rather than digging in with the coal companies, energy cooperatives could responsibly help their members transition away from fossil fuels by utilizing renewable sources of power, selling wind turbines and solar panels, and by providing energy storage and standby power.

Limiting carbon emissions will encourage development of renewables, and also carbon capture and sequestration technologies. You can make your voice heard by commenting on the EPA’s Clean Power Plant Proposed Rule before Oct. 16.