Moventas to service two wind turbines in Eesti Energia’s Aulepa wind farm

Moventas and Eesti Energia have agreed on the service of two WWD3 turbines at the Aulepa wind farm in Western Estonia, plus a lubrication upgrade for all of Aulepa’s sixteen wind turbines by year-end. Emerging failures were detected with the Moventas CMaS condition management system and detailed on-site inspections.

At year-end, Moventas carries out a WinWind 3 gearbox changeout for two of Aulepa wind park’s turbines. Moventas will also perform a lubrication upgrade on the two gearboxes, to further prolong gearbox lifetime.

The Aulepa wind park in Western Estonia was opened in 2009 and has 16 turbines with a total capacity of 48 MW. Threatening failures were detected earlier in the year with Moventas’ condition management system, CMaS, that was fitted in some of Aulepa’s turbines in 2009. All sixteen turbines of this wind park have been endoscope inspected by Moventas.

This service will be another fast track job that minimizes the downtime of the two turbines serviced. Moventas is in charge of the project on a turnkey basis.
– We will manufacture a new gearbox for the other changeout. For the other one, we will carry out our special quick factory service in Jyväskylä, Finland, in just twelve days so lifting, assembly and disassembly must run smoothly, says Nordic Sales Manager Teemu Hyytiäinen from Moventas.

Moventas and Eesti Energia have also agreed on lubrication upgrades to Aulepa’s entire fleet by the end of  2014. The lubrication upgrade that prolongs turbine lifetime is available to all WWD3 customers. It includes upgrading the entire gearbox lubrication system, installing extra pumps for the main bearings and e.g. adding temperature sensors, changing the coolers and updating the lubrication management logic. This summer, Moventas carried out a major lubrication upgrade to Innopower’s Ajos wind park in Kemi, Finland.

Lubrication upgrades and replacements are just one example of the upgrade services that Moventas offers for prolonging gearbox lifetime. These include e.g. bearing solution modernizations, ring wheel material and heat treatment changes, housing enforcements and accessorizing. Depending on the service, work can be carried out either in a Moventas workshop in Finland, Germany, UK, Australia or USA or up-tower in a wind farm.

Moventas is a new energy technology expert and service provider. Moventas’ technology strives for lowering the cost of energy across the lifecycle of renewable energy generation, from superior gearbox design and manufacture to extensive after sales service for most any brand globally. Moventas is part of Santasalo Moventas.