Iberdrola has over 400 MW of wind energy in Latin America

Iberdrola passed the 400 MW wind power generating capacity level in the first half of this year in Latin America, a region where the company has another 150 MW of generating capacity close to going online and plans to build wind farms with another 450 MW of capacity.

Iberdrola’s current 418 MW of generating capacity in Latin America are concentrated in Mexico, with 231 MW, and Brazil, with 187 MW.

The company operates the La Venta III, La Ventosa and Bee Nee Stipa plants in Oaxaca, a state in southern Mexico.

Iberdrola has broken ground on the $120 million (about 90 million euros) Pier II wind farm, which will have 66 MW of generating capacity.

The Spanish company has put 11 wind farms online in Brazil, where it began operating in 2006, providing 187 MW of electric power to the market.

Iberdrola’s oldest wind farm is in Rio Grande do Norte and it developed the other 10 alternative power plants with Neoenergia via the Força Eolica do Brasil, or FEB, company.

FEB has built and placed online the Calango project, which has five wind farms; the Caetite complex, which has three plants; Mel 2; and Arizona 1.

FEB has won the rights to build three new wind farms in Brazil over the next 30 months, adding 84 MW of generating capacity to the South American country’s electricity grid.