Kenya seeks to add 20MW to a wind farm

Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) said Thursday it will increase power output at its Ngong wind power farm by 20.4MW, following the construction of 24 new wind turbines to be commissioned in October.


KenKen CEO Albert Mugo told journalists during an inspection tour of the firm, located near the capital city, that the addition will bring the power unit’s total capacity to 25.5MW.

“The company is fast-tracking its renewable energy projects, comprising wind and geothermal as part of government’s target of adding 5,000MW to the national grid by September 2016,” Mugo said.

KenGen is also actively involved in the exploration and tapping of the geothermal steam, supplying the bulk of the 130 megawatts of geothermal generated electricity to the national grind.

KenGen’s shift to renewable energy is based on the government’s strategic plans to invest in cheaper and greener renewable energy resources to make electricity cheaper, and act as a catalyst for the industrialization and improvement of living standards as the country races to achieve middle income status by 2030.

Kenya currently depends heavily on the hydrogenated electricity that supplies an estimated 67 percent of the national electricity needs, yet this supply is affected dramatically in case of rainfall failure, plunging the country into expensive power rationing.

KenGen commenced the expansion of the Ngong Wind plant in March 2013 under two separate contracts for the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of wind turbines, each producing 850KW.

The first contract financed by Spain involves the installation of 16 Spanish-made Gamesa wind turbines.