Wind energy, consumers win in Colorado

Breaking news: Growing wind power and other renewable forms of energy is constitutional.

A signficant victory was delivered to delivered in Colorado to renewable energy and all of Colorado’s consumers as a challenge to Colorado’s Renewable Energy Standard (RES) was dismissed. Federal District Court Judge William Martinez found that the challengers had “failed to show that the RES burdens interstate commerce at all, much less that any such burden is clearly excessive in relation to the benefits conferred on the state by the RES.”

Congratulations is in order to Interwest Energy Alliance and all of Colorado’s consumers with Colorado’s RES staying intact.

View the Interwest Energy Alliance’s press release highlighting this monumental win here:

This should send a strong signal to other states that policies attracting renewable energy growth is a good investment. An AWEA white paper issued in February used Department of Energy data to show the eleven states with the most wind energy, including Colorado, have saved more their electric bills than ratepayers in all other states. Policies similar to Colorado’s RES in 29 states and in the District of Columbia encourage construction of more wind power and other renewables which the American public supports, resulting in lower costs for ratepayers and driving private investment into local and state economies. 

by David Ward David Ward