15th Anniversary of Wyoming Wind Energy

Wyoming has marked its 15th anniversary of wind power generated electricity in the state.

What began with 69 wind turbines in Carbon County wind farm has grown into a statewide industry with almost 1,000 wind turbines in six counties.

The Rawlins Daily Times reports that the Foote Creek I Wind Project was Wyoming’s first commercial facility to generate electricity from wind. The project began commercial operation on April 22, 1999. It was constructed along a treeless plateau midway between Laramie and Rawlins.

It is still cranking out up to 41.4 megawatts per hour of electrical capacity.

The Chokecherry-Sierra Madre project south of Rawlins is currently seeking federal and state permits.

The $5 billion Chokecherry project will be home to 1,000 wind turbines, making it one of the nation’s largest wind farms.