Enel Green Power Brings Solar Energy to Rural Guatemala

The Xepultul II photovoltaic (PV) solar power complex built in Guatemala as part of the partnership between Enel Green Power and Barefoot College for rural electrification in Latin America will be opened tomorrow.

Tomorrow the new Xepultul II PV solar complex will be opened, which will provide electricity to three villages in Guatemala. The solar panels were installed between 17-24 January by the ingenieras solares trained as part of thepartnership between Enel Green Power and the Barefoot College. Electricity will be supplied to 12 public areas of the three comunidades involved in the project (four for each village): meeting places, schools, rooms in the town hall, the temple or the church.

This is the most recent achievement of a cooperative project involving EGP and the Barefoot College which aims for the electrification of villages in Guatemala, Peru, Chile, El Salvador and Colombia. The partnership has already led to the installation of 1,030 solar panels