Green Energy Growing in Tuscany

Last year green energy grew considerably in Tuscany, with new capacity installed and the Province of Siena beginning to meet its energy needs with zero emission sources thanks in large part to Enel Green Power.

With almost 6,000 new renewable plants totalling an installed capacity of 74.5 megawatts built, last year was a highly successful one for the Enel Group in Tuscany.

The new facilities are mostly small scale, with 95 percent of them ranging between three and 20 kilowatts, but there are some plants with capacity ranging between 1MW to 10.5MW.

PV solar accounts for 76 percent of the new connections, followed by wind power (15 percent), biomass and biogas (5 percent), hydropower (3 power) and geothermal energy (1 percent).

The growth in the number of plants has been remarkable in each of the region