The prototype of Gamesa’s new G114-2.0 MW turbine, recently installed in Alaiz (Navarre, Spain), has started to generate power.

Installation of the turbine finished in early December, triggering the start of the intensive process of validating and certifying the new turbine. The company expects to obtain type certification during the first quarter of 2014.

Assembly of the prototype posed a genuine logistics challenge for Gamesa: the G114-2.0 MW’s blades –56 metres each one- were transferred in one piece and the components were manufactured in multiple locations in Spain: blades in As Somozas (Galicia), nacelle assembly in Ágreda (Soria),hub and gearbox in Burgos, generator in Reinosa (Cantabria) and converter in Valencia.

The annual output of a single G114-2.0 MW turbine will:

  • Provide enough power to supply some 1,800 households a year
  • Replace 697 tonnes of oil equivalent (toe/year)
  • Prevent the emission of 4,860 tonnes of carbon a year

Two other prototypes are installed at the Alaiz R&D facility: the G128-4.5 MW, with 62.5-metre blades, and the G90-2.0 MW class I, with 47-metre blades.

The Gamesa G114-2.0 MW: maximum performance at medium and low wind speeds

The Gamesa G114-2.0 MW wind turbine is a standard-bearer in the sector thanks to its low power density. This new product contributes to one of the company’s top priorities: significantly cutting the cost of energy of the products designed by Gamesa for medium and moderate wind speed sites.

With a rotor spanning 114 metres, the new turbine’s swept area is 38% greater than that of the G97-2.0 MW, while it produces 20% more energy a year.

The G114-2.0 MW wind turbine, designed to maximise the performance of turbines installed in less windy sites, is part of the company’s 2.0-2.5 MW platform, whose track record encompasses the installation of more than 15 GW worldwide and an availability record of over 98%.