Wind power in Ohio creating huge environmental benefits

The buckeye state is seeing major environmental benefits as wind energy increases throughout the state. According to Environment Ohio, the state is currently provided with 988,000 megawatt-hours of electricity solely from wind energy and Ohio is on pace to add 918,294 MWh in wind production over the next five years, reported by North American Wind Power.

Ohio is already avoiding over 597,613 metric tons of carbon pollution, which is the same as removing 124,503 cars from the roads. The report from Environment Ohio also noted that the state is saving 267,007,000 gallons of water per year through wind power, which is enough to meet the needs of 10,602 citizens.

“Wind energy has given us a lot to be thankful for this Holiday Season,” said Vivian Daly of Environment Ohio, reported by North American Wind Power. “Now our state and national leaders need to take action to make sure we don’t leave these environmental benefits on the table.”

Ohio benefiting from energy law The state’s boom in wind power energy is in correlation to the clean energy law named S.B. 221 and federal incentives for wind power. Wind farmers can count Broadwind Energy as new wind projects rise. Broadwind specializes in repair and upgrade assistance for wind turbines as well as uptower gearbox and blade maintenance.

The state’s clean energy policy is threatened in the senate since the prime federal incentives for wind energy, the tax credit and production tax credit, are in position to expire at the end of 2013, according to Wind Power Engineering and Development.

“Wind energy is improving our quality of life in Ohio,” said Daly, reported by Wind Power Engineering and Development. “We cannot let polluters and their allies stand in the way of additional benefits of wind.”

Ohio is seeing the aftermath of environmentally efficient energy production. Environment Ohio’s report said that the nearly 600,000 metric tons of carbon pollution the state avoids through wind power reduces smog caused by nitrogen oxides and 694 tons of sulfur dioxide, which create acid rain and soot.

If the wind energy policy is reconstructed in the state, more environmental benefits could make Ohio a leader in the nation for renewable energy production. According to Wind Power Engineering and Development, Ohio is currently ranked forth in the U.S. for wind industry employment. The support for local wind power projects not only helps the state’s environment, but it also benefits the state’s local economy.