Solar Energy Solidarity donates products for three solar installations in Africa

The three projects will supply electricity to a kindergarten and a women’s radio in Guinea Bissau, and to a farm school in Cameroon. PROINSO, jointly with local NGOs and other organisations, has donated modules, structures, a thermosiphon and a collector.


Since it was launched, the PROINSO-led initiative Solar Energy Solidarity has developed nine projects aimed at providing electricity to as many as 25,000 people who live in communities in Peru, Togo, Benin and Thailand, using the PV products donated by the multinational company.

The Solar Energy Solidarity initiative, led by PROINSO, has delivered PV products to three new projects that will provide solar power to more than 5,000 residents in Candemba, Guinea Bissau, and Kumbo, Cameroon.

In Guinea Bissau, PROINSO gave modules and structures to install in a new Candemba-based kindergarten, where 550 people will get solar electricity.