Japanese car makers to increase charging stations for electric vehicles

Mitsubishi Sold 36,000 Electric Vehicles

Mitsubishi Motors announced that, to date, it sold a total of 36,000 electric cars worldwide.

Since Mitsubishi launched it first electric car in mid-2009, the automaker has averaged roughly 700 EVs sold per month. This number include the i-MiEV, C-Zero, iOn triplets and the MiEV vans and trucks sold exclusively in Japan.
36,000 means that Mitsubishi still is the second largest electric vehicle maker behind Nissan, but Renault or Tesla could take over this place in near future.
Over 14,000 (almost 40%) MiEVs were sold in Japan, where after introducing the new cheaper M- and X-spec versions, sales target for Mitsubishi dropped below 200/units a month.