Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Stirling-engine Developer Qnergy Acquires Infinia

Qnergy, an Israeli-based Stirling engine manufacturer and its U.S affiliate, has acquired the assets of US-based Infinia Corporation Inc. located in Ogden, Utah. Qnergy plans to integrate the core technologies and know-how of both companies in order to commence mass production of Stirling engines for various applications within the coming twelve months.

Qnergy ( was established in 2009 by Ricor Cryogenic and Vacuum Systems, a world leader in the field of miniature Stirling cryogenic coolers. Qnergy’s technology enables residential and business customers to generate power and hot water on-site (Distributed Power Generation) with total efficiency of more than 90%.

The company develops and manufactures highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective Stirling engines for various applications such as: micro-combined heat and power (mCHP), solar power generation and solar CHP, remote power generation and more.

Infinia Corporation is an energy technology company, developing and manufacturing high-efficiency, free piston Stirling generators that convert readily available and low cost heat sources such as solar, biogas and natural gas into reliable on and off grid electricity. Following 40 years of its ultra-high reliability technology for the DOD, NASA and DOE, Infinia has recently launched its solar product – the PowerDish