Suzlon Energy to launch new offshore wind turbine

Wind turbine maker Suzlon Energy today said it will launch a new offshore turbine that will help in yielding more power.

“Suzlon Group company Suzlon Energy will unveil its new offshore turbine REpower 6.2M152. With the new offering, the company once again sets standards in the cost-effective generation of offshore wind energy,” the company said in a statement.

“The new wind turbine features a rotor diameter of 152 metres, with the rotors sweeping an area larger than three football pitches. Bigger rotor increases energy yield by 20%,” the statement added.

Each 6.2M152 wind turbine with a rated power of 6.15 MW can supply electricity to around 4,000 homes.

From 2015, 6.2M152 wind turbine will enter commercial production, the statement added.