India reaches 2.1 GW of solar photovoltaic capacity; Wind energy sector continues to stagnate

According to the latest updated by the MNRE, Solar in India has crossed the 2 GW landmark(grid-connected and off-grid systems combined).

As of 31 August 2013, the total solar installed capacity stood at 2100 MW, out of which grid-connected solar capacity was 1969 MW and off-grid systems was 131 MW.

About 130 MW of grid-connected solar capacity was added in August 2013 taking the total installation during the financial year(2013-14) to 284 MW.

Wind energy capacity addition continues to languish with just 118 MW added in August and a total of 726 MW during the period April-August 2013.

However, Wind installed capacity during the period(April-August 2013) was still about 67% of the total renewable installed capacity, which is in line with the cumulative installed capacity at the end of the August 2013.

The month-wise solar and wind capacity additions is given below.