Gamesa, member of the advisory board of the European Union’s Safelife-X project

The company, the wind energy sector’s sole representative on the board, was selected for the panel of experts for its wind turbine life extension know-how.

Gamesa, a global technology leader in wind energy, has been appointed to the advisory board of the SafeLife-X Project due to its knowledge of and work in developing solutions for wind turbines’ life extension. The company is the wind energy sector’s sole representative on this committee.
SafeLife-X is a European Union-sponsored project set up to develop effective solutions during the next ten years (2015-2025) for minimising the ageing of industrial infrastructures and facilities and guaranteeing their safety. By using ageing analysis and structural health monitoring technologies, facility risks can be minimised and their lives extended efficiently.
Gamesa, represented on the advisory board by Sergio Vélez, Director of the company’s Fleet Life Extension program, works on the wind turbines’ ageing analysis and the development of value-added tools for delivering maximum energy output levels, boosting availability performance and lowering O&M costs, all with a view to minimising its customers’ cost of energy. More specifically, Gamesa carries out turbine overhaul (electronic upgrade) and life extension programs.
The life extension program is an upgrade system designed to lengthen the useful life, efficiency and performance of turbines, whether made by Gamesa or other manufacturers. The overhaul program, meanwhile, entails upgrading turbines’ electronic systems in order to boost their reliability and facilitate their maintenance, paving the way for income growth of up to 10%. These upgrades, combined with the Gamesa 660 kW platform monitoring and life extension program, guarantee ten more years of income coupled with stable operating expenses.
“The selection of Gamesa as member of the SafeLife-X Project advisory board tacitly acknowledges the work performed by the company in the O&M services arena, which provides a tool for creating value in the development, usage and monetisation of a wind farm and, drawing on value-added programs, maximises energy output levels, boosts availability and optimises the cost of energy”, according to Fernando Valldeperes, Gamesa’s Director of Services Sales and Marketing.