Wind energy in Venezuela: Wind Farm To Supply Electricity For 33,000 Homes

The Paraguana wind farm will generate 100 megawatts of electricity by the end of the year to meet the demand of about 33,000 houses in Venezuela, by means of an environmentally friendly power supply system which leaves the use of oils behind.

Jesus Luongo, general manager of refining center Paraguana, branch of state oil company PDVSA, said this when briefing Executive vice-president Jorge Arreaza in the project.
Currently, the wind farm generates 15 megawatts through 52-meters-high wind tribunes which transform the wind’s velocity into energy. By the end of 2013, 76 wind tribunes should be working to complete the generation of a hundred Megawatts.
A consumption of almost 83,000 barrels of oil have been saved by the month of May with this source of alternative energy, said Luongo. He hoped that excess energy can be exported and yield profits of nine million dollars for the State.
The running of this wind farm is also expected to alleviate hydroelectric power plant Bajo Caroni, in southeastern state of Bolivar, which currently generates power supply for Venezuela’s western area. Then, it would be used to meet the region’s demand, which only in Falcon state adds up to 720 megawatts, reported electricity control and follow-up vice-minister Antonio Nakoul.
Arreaza recalled that the country has experienced an unexpected growth of electricity consumption, fostered by the Nation’s social economic expansion and social inclusion policies.