American wind industry

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has published a first-of-its-kind report on recommended operations, maintenance and reliability practices for modern wind turbines and projects. Wind energy has grown into a significant portion of America’s mainstream energy supply, and this new report is intended to help establish industry-wide practices.


The report, first announced at the AWEA’s recent WINDPOWER Conference and Exhibition in Chicago and titled AWEA Operation and Maintenance Recommended Practices, is a product of AWEA’s Operation and Maintenance working group. The recommended practices were compiled with input from dozens of expert wind project operators, engineers, technicians and designers and focuses on eight areas: gearboxes; generators; rotors and blades; towers; data collection and reporting; balance of plant; end-of-warranty; and condition-based maintenance.


“The American wind industry has grown dramatically in recent years,” said Kevin Alewine, Director of Renewable Energy Services at Shermco Industries, and co-chair of the working group. “In the wake of this tremendous expansion, we set out to develop a set of suggestions and guidelines to help improve the reliability and profitability of modern wind energy production sites. And, I’m proud to say we succeeded.”


“A lot of time and expertise went into creating this new industry resource,” said AWEA Senior Policy Analyst and working group staff liaison Emily Williams. “I’m confident it will provide a crucial roadmap to existing industry players and those coming on board, for operating and maintaining the more than 45,000 wind turbines in the U.S. today.”


AWEA members can download this publication for free at the AWEA Member Center. Non-members can purchase the report online at AWEA is recruiting contributors for future editions of the report, and seeking feedbackon this first edition.