Gardline to survey E.ON offshore wind farm

The wind farm will have 73 wind turbines, with a capacity of up to 219MW.

Gardline’s Marine Wildlife’s Department has been contracted by E.ON to carry out construction phase environmental surveys for the Humber Gateway Offshore Wind Farm.

The wind farm will be located 8km off the East Yorkshire coast and will have 73 wind turbines, with a capacity of up to 219MW.

Prior to conducting the environmental surveys, Gardline is working closely with the client, environmental consultants and a number of government agencies to design a Construction Monitoring Programme.

The field work will start in late April 2013 and is predicted to finish in March 2015.

Gardline will be conducting Seabird Surveys, Marine Mammal Mitigation, Subsea Noise Monitoring, Herring Spawning Monitoring and Suspended Sediment Monitoring. The Seabird Surveys will consist of boat-based surveys following ESAS methods, Little Tern surveys and land radar surveys. Gardline will provide seabird surveyors, marine mammal observers, passive acoustic monitoring operators, acoustic scientists and metocean scientist, as well as all the necessary equipment for these surveys. While the herring survey and airborne noise monitoring has been
subcontracted to leading university and acoustic consultants.