Beijing adds 5,000 electric vehicles in 2013

Beijing will add 5,000 electric cars and will encourage private citizens to purchase electric vehicles, according to Yan Aoshuang, director of the Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission on February 21.

At present, the number of electric cars in Beijing stands at 3,700 and comprise of different vehicles, ranging from buses, road sanitation cars and taxis. Beijing has become the city with the largest use and most types of electric cars in China.

Since 2009, the promotion of electric cars in Beijing has focused on public transportation. From this year onwards, their promotion will be extended to private cars. The Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission has created several subsidy policies for the private purchasing of electric cars and the commission has requested the input from the relevant departments and car enterprises.

Yan said the commission will support the establishment of Beijing’s ecological civilization, establish an innovative system for the prevention of atmospheric pollution and strengthen the atmospheric pollution warning forecast system for the city and its surrounding areas. In addition, it will guide the society in improving its awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction, as well as promote the application of energy saving products.

In addition, according to the 2013 Beijing plan, it will focus on the development of strategic emerging industries including the fields of electronic information, energy conservation and environmental protection, biological medicine, new energy and new materials. It will invest no less than 500 million yuan (US$80 million) in the development of biological medicine, enhance digital the manufacturing service industry and promote the integrated development of high-end manufacturing and services.