British PM tells India that wind energy is a green growth industry

Wind turbines and other green technologies should be promoted as one way of dealing with climate change, British Prime Minister David Cameron said this week during a trip to India to encourage increased business ties with the UK.

“All over the world governments are not doing enough,” Cameron was quoted in the Guardian as saying. “We are not on track to deal with climate change and make sure our policies are sustainable.”

The newspaper also said Cameron told an audience in Mumbai that emissions-free green technologies like wind power are economic growth items.

The Guardian story added that Bloomberg New Energy Finance recently noted that India “now leads the world in clean tech investment growth, racking up $10.3 bn in the sector in 2011.”

The non-governmental organisation Responding To Climate Change (RTCC) reported that Cameron said he wanted to spread the message of green growth around the world.

“It’s a growth agenda because these new green technologies, whether it is waste recycling, wind power, or nuclear power — these are growth items and green jobs are growing faster in our economy than in many other parts of the economy,” RTCC quoted Cameron as saying.

India now has a total of 18,421 MW of wind power capacity installed.


By Chris Rose,