First Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant in Ecuador

Ecuador´s first photovoltaic plant is already in operation with 4,160 solar panels, informed officials of the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy. Under the name of Paragachi and located in the province of Imbabura, the work covers about 3.5 hectars, one of the zones with highest solar radiation in the country.

The minister of that portfolio, Esteban Albornoz, quoted by Ecuador Inmediato, said that this project increases the capacity of clean energy generation and improves the quality of electricity services.

He stressed that in the construction of this power plant were invested 2,200,000 dollars of the Bank of the Social Security Institute.

Its estimated lifespan is 25 years, this project is expected to supply 998 kilowatts using solar energy to be converted into electricity and transferred to the state network, which contributes to the diversification of the energy matrix of the country.

The official added that by not producing emissions of greenhouse gases such infrastructure involves environmental benefits and also social, due to it will generate work and technology transfer.

In this nation were forward eight hydroelectric projects, which will allow in the next four years, 93 percent of the energy supplied will be produced in this way.

This project will save 2.5 million dollars a for imported fuels and energy from Peru and Colombia.

Last week, 17 companies signed contracts with the Ecuadorian National Electricity Council (Conelec) to participate in the generation of photovoltaic and biomass.

This companies will produce a total 287.7 megawatts for which, according to the regulation, only 6 percent of Ecuador´s generating capacity can be devoted to the development of this type of energy.