Investments in Greece wind energy total 2.5 bln euros in 2012?

The value of investments made in renewable energy sources in Greece totaled around 2.5 billion euros in 2012, of which around 150 million euros were in wind power projects, a report by the Hellenic Scientific Association of Wind Power Energy said.

According to AMNA, citing the report net increase in wind power was 115.2 MW in 2012, up 7.0 pct compared with the previous year, after a 23.5 pct growth rate recorded in 2011 – the best year in history for the wind power sector in Greece.

The figures offer evidence that the wind power sector is alive and has significant growth prospects. Central Greece remains at the top of wind power facilities, with a power capacity of 548 MW and a market share of 31.3 pct, followed by the Peloponnese with 340.75 MW (19.5 pct) and Eastern Macedonia-Thrace with 240.6 MW (13.8 pct).

EDF with 298.8 MW and a 17.1 pct market share was top among the energy groups in the sector, followed by:

– Iberdrola Rokas with 250.7 MW (14.3%)

– ??R?? ?nergy with 241.5 MW (13.8%)

– ENEL Green Power with 200.5 MW (11.5%)