120-megawatt wind farm approved in Israel with 41 wind turbines

The approval occurred after an extensive review process that examined all elements of the wind energy project, by the conclusion of which the Defense Ministry removed its objections to the wind power project, according to the developers.

The Northern District Planning and Building Committee in recent weeks approved the future construction of a 120-megawatt wind farm powered by 41 wind turbines on 40.3 hectares of land in the Emek Habacha region.

Such a wind energy program is thus far unparalleled in Israel, they explained.

The wind power project is slated to cost about 250 million euros, and is the initiative of the firm Kinetic Energies under the authority of Isaac Sitton, chairman and owner of Hadas Arazim Investment House Ltd.

“The district committee approval is an important step toward the construction of the project, and now the focus will be on obtaining an electricity license and financial closure,” said Gadiel Blustein, an attorney for the developers.

If all goes as planned, the wind farm will be able to begin operations in 2015, Blustein added.