Smart Grid in China

The development of a smart grid has become the major focus of power grid construction in China.

Through the application of modern metrology, communications, information, and control technologies, the country’s power grid is undergoing a fundamental upgrade.

China’s smart grid development includes six key areas: power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, consumption, and dispatching.

The smart grid covers all voltage levels to achieve the optimum power flow, information flow, and business flow, along with a high degree of integration. China is currently in the second stage of its smart grid deployment, according to the State Grid Corporation of China.

Lasting from 2011-2015, this is the full construction phase. Pike Research forecasts that cumulative smart grid revenue in China will reach $127 billion by 2020.

This Pike Research report provides a comprehensive analysis of the relevant issues of China’s smart grid deployment program. The report includes a detailed analysis of the market drivers, business models and technology issues for smart grid development in China. Profiles are provided more than 40 key industry players, classified by different industries, along with forecasts for smart grid revenue and smart meter shipments through 2020.

Key Questions Addressed:
  • Which business models are being employed and what are the market drivers for smart grid development in China?
  • How large will the smart grid market be in China through 2020?
  • Who are the key market players in China’s smart grid market?
  • What is the impact of Chinese regulatory policy on smart grid projects in China?
  • What are the key areas of R&D for smart grid development in China?
  • How do smart grid development programs vary by region in China?