Database of Photovoltaic, Concentrator Solar Photovoltaic, and Concentrated Solar Power Projects

Following a 7-year period of capacity building, aggressive pricing, and promises of grid parity, driven largely by feed-in tariffs, the solar power industry is going through a significant correction. Even as prices for solar components, particularly photovoltaic equipment, continue to fall, the solar industry must develop new business models and new markets.

This solar project tracker provides data on photovoltaic (PV), concentrator solar photovoltaic (CPV), and concentrated solar power (CSP) projects worldwide. Including listings and attributes for solar projects by technology and location, this tracker provides a global view of solar projects with data derived from direct surveys with industry vendors and manufacturers and primary and secondary information from system owners and operators. These sources show that, as of the fourth quarter of 2012, there are 699 solar PV projects operating, under construction, or announced, along with 200 CPV projects and 267 CSP projects.

Key Questions Addressed:
  • How many PV, CPV, and CSP projects are operating, under construction, or announced as of 4Q 2012?
  • Which world regions are gaining the most traction in terms of solar power projects?
  • How do different regions compare in terms of numbers of solar projects by technology?
  • Which companies currently have installations planned, proposed, under development, or operating?
  • Which solar system technologies are being deployed around the world?