Europe‘s wind energy is growing with Enel Green Power

According to the EWEA, Europe’s installed wind power capacity now exceeds 100 GW, ensuring electric supplies to 57 million households.

In this growth Enel Green Power has played an essential role.

Wind energy in Europe now exceeds 100 GW of capacity, reported the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) in a recent paper. According to EWEA estimates, achieving 100 GW of wind energy capacity means that electricity supplies can be granted to 57 million households: “(…) wind energy is granting an essential contribution to Europe’s energy security”, said EWEA CEO Christian Kjaer.

The growth of wind power does not seem affected by the economic crisis. In this growth, Enel Green Power, which focuses on emerging countries while also having a stable presence in Europe, has played a central role, also with the recent opening of plants in Spain and Romania.

Indeed, the expansion of wind energy in the Union has received a constant and significant contribution from the Enel Group, which confirms its strategy for the development of an energy mix that is diversified as regards sources, technology and geographical distribution.

Presently, the wind capacity installed by EGP in Europe exceeds 2990 MW, with 161 operating plants inItaly (623 MW), Bulgaria (42 MW), Romania (292 MW) France (166 MW), Greece

(199 MW), Portugal (126 MW) and Spain (1542 MW).

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In Spain, Enel Green Power has recently grid-connected a new 18 MW wind farm at Padul, in Andalusia. The plant will join the others that EGP already manages in the Iberian Peninsula, totaling 1,828 MW, and will produce, once completed, more than 37 million kWh per year.

Also, in August 2012 EGP has launched the new Moldova Noua wind farm, in the region of Banat, in Romania. The plant, which consists of 21 SWT 2,3 MW turbines can produce, once completed, about 130 million kWh per year, thus avoiding more than 70,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.