Largest solar power project in Tanzania’s history

This solar project, believed to be the largest of its kind in Tanzania’s history, is being carried out through a joint effort between Rex Investment Ltd and Camco International from the UK.

Implementation of a solar power project in the Kigoma region of Tanzania has gotten underway, with the initial installation of solar systems completed in in various sites there over the last few weeks.

Rex is managing the technical side of the project, such as design, supply and installation of a wide range of solar systems whereas Camco is responsible with marketing and raising public awareness on the use of solar energy for the targeted consumers.

The Kigoma urban area which is not connected to the grid is served by Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco) using diesel generators. The Kigoma solar project will provide power for households, businesses and government facilities that primarily rely on small diesel generators. When the project is completed by 2013, the direct beneficiaries will include 45 secondary schools, 120 dispensaries, 10 health centres, 25 village market centres and 60 battery-charging beach management units along Lake Tanganyika to be used to power LED lights.

The town of Kigoma is located in western Tanzania near Lake Tanganyika. About 135,000 people live there. Besides providing clean electricity to replace diesel generators and kerosene, the solar power project will provide training opportunities for local workers.