Wind energy in Chile: Wind farm project was submitted by E-CL

The Ministry of the Environment has to validate the company’s initiative which is currently processing its participation in the international carbon bonds market with the United Nations.

The wind power project consists of the operation of three wind farms near Calama which involves a total investment of US$685 million and an installed capacity of 309.5 MW.




E-CL has submitted to the Ministry of the Environment its Calama wind farm project in order to obtain the national validation for processing its participation in the international carbon bonds market.


The company is seeking to qualify this initiative under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol. Its fundamental role is to ensure compliance with reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The validation by the Ministry of the Environment is required by the United Nations for this process.


The Calama wind farm initiative contemplates three projects which, together and once built, involve an investment of US$685 million to provide 309.5 MW of generating capacity to the Northern Electricity Grid (SING).

Three wind farms in the north

The total project consists of the construction, installation and operation of three wind farms located 20 kilometres south-east of Calama. The first received its environmental approval in January 2012 and will have an installed capacity of 126.5 MW.


The second was submitted to the Environmental Assessment System (EAS) in June this year and consists of 36 wind generators with a maximum capacity of 108 MW.


Finally, the third project was entered for its EAS qualification last week and involves a farm of 25 wind generators with an installed capacity of up to 75 MW.


The three farms will be connected to the SING over a 26.5 kilometres 110 kV transmission line, linking with the Moctezuma, Topater and Calama substations.