Eon Electric to set up Lithium Ion Batteries Manufacturing Plant in India

Lithium Ion Batteries in larger sizes will meet the needs of batteries running two wheelers, cars and even buses.

A number of countries are running bicycles, two wheelers, cars and even buses on Lithium Ion Batteries.

Even if the use is comparatively limited for the present, it is estimated to expand substantially with the aim of protecting the environment and reducing pollution caused due to fuels like Diesel.

Eon Electric Ltd has decided to set up the first plant in India for the manufacturing of Lithium Ion Batteries, observing the sharply rising need of Lithium Ion Batteries for mobile phones, laptops, cameras and tablets due to its unique quality of high storage power and potential of fast re-charging.

The pilot plant for Lithium Ion Batteries has already started production by converting cells into complete batteries at Eon’s state-of-the-art plant at SIDCUL, Haridwar. With detailed planning, imbibing best technological practices and equipment from Japan, Korea and world class producers of Lithium Ion Batteries in China, the plant is surely on the route to success. The building would be spread over 10,000 sq. mtrs.

The total investment on the project in the first phase is projected to be around Rs. 50 crores invested on a state-of-the-art building and modern machinery which is imported.

The pilot plant is already producing EON batteries which is being delivered to its customers all over the country through its network of dealers and distributors serviced by sales and marketing teams well established in metros and major towns. The first phase of production plant will be put in place within the year 2012-13 and will be further upgraded for a variety of new types and sizes of Lithium Ion Batteries which are most compact in size and more efficient in operation and capable of delivering high current for more hours per day before requiring recharging.

The major segments for usage of Lithium Ion Batteries currently are mobile phones, laptops, cameras and tablets. However, with the outstanding benefits of Lithium Ion Batteries including delivery of high current and shorter time for re-charging, new uses of these batteries are emerging such as solar batteries for solar panels, emergency lights, uninterrupted power for continuously running machinery, e-motive power for two wheelers, four wheelers including buses in due course etc.