RWE Innogy commissions Titz wind farm

Titz is the first wind farm project in the Rhenish mining area to be developed to construction-readiness in co-operation with the BMR Windenergie based in Hückelhoven.

The project has been implemented on a site of about 90 hectares in the north of the municipality of Titz. The wind farm should generate up to 55,000 megawatt-hours of climate-friendly energy per year.

This is sufficient to supply around 15,000 households per year and save around 42,000 tons of carbon emissions.

Dr. Hans Bünting, CEO of RWE Innogy, explains: “We are thrilled to see our turbine blades turning at Titz. Our beacon project in the expansion of renewables in the Rhenish mining area is now contributing power to the grid. Our Jüchen project will add another wind farm to the mining area at the end of this year – thanks in part to the close co-operation with our RWE Power affiliate.”

Jurgen Frantzen, Mayor of Titz local authority, adds: “The RWE wind farm and another one in the south of our municipality are already generating more power than all the businesses and households in Titz consume. That’s our contribution to the energy turnaround, and we are proud of it.”

Green GECCO, a joint venture between 29 municipal utilities and RWE Innogy, took over the wind farm at the end of June.

Another joint project between RWE Innogy and the BMR Windenergie is the construction of the Jüchen wind farm.

Output here will be around 14 MW, from powerful wind turbines of the three-megawatt class. Construction is now well under way, with commissioning planned for the end of 2012.