Brazil: Upcoming wind energy auctions in the free market scheme

Bioenergy, a Brazilian renewable energy generator, will hold the first auction for solar power and the third one for wind power on 7 August 2012 in the local free market.

The company offers contracts with a 50% discount on transmission costs for wind and 80% discount for solar energy.

A total of three products will be offered in the wind power auction; the first two will be in batches of on average 0.5 MW with 0.5 minimum increments. The third will be in batches of on average 5 MW with 5 MW minimum increments.

Both are allowed 5% of monthly flexibility in the contracted energy but must ensure 100% of the annual contracted energy. The first two products are intended for the north and north-eastern submarkets and will be delivered in 2014 and 2015, and the third will go to the south- eastern submarket in 2023.


Source: ABEEólica & CanalEnergia