Bahrain EDB congratulates Petra Solar, Bapco and Noga on solar energy project

The scheme will provide solar power and increased efficiency through the use of smart grid technology.

The Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) congratulated Petra Solar, Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) and the National Oil & Gas Authority (NOGA) following the announcement of an agreement on a five megawatt distributed smart solar energy project.

The scheme will provide solar energy and increased efficiency through the use of smart grid technology to a number of locations in the country, including the BAPCO township of Awali and the University of Bahrain.

Bahrain EDB has been closely involved in the development of the project since initiating discussions with Petra Solar in the United States in 2010. As part of the process, the Bahrain EDB conducted visits to Petra Solar’s offices, played an instrumental part in the committee that made the project a reality and also assisted in the setting up of the company in Bahrain.

Kamal bin Ahmed, Minister of Transportation and Acting Chief Executive of the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB), said: “We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Petra Solar, BAPCO and NOGA on this agreement and are delighted that we have been able to help make this happen. Investment in this sort of technology is a key part of our plans to create high-quality jobs for Bahrainis through sustainable economic growth for the long term. Importantly, this investment will not only create jobs directly, but also create benefits for other companies by improving energy efficiency.”

“Solar power and a stable electric grid are critical elements to Bahrain developing economic and energy security,” said Dr. Shihab Kuran, President and CEO of Petra Solar. “In Awali, we are deploying solar power plus we are building a wireless smart grid network, which are the building blocks for command and control of smart cities.”

The project will use smart solar technology which couples solar energy generation with grid reliability and smart grid technology. The technology was developed in the U.S. by Petra Solar, a technology company focused on providing reliable, cost-effective smart energy solutions to the electric supply industry. The initiative will create jobs at several skill levels in Bahrain and will also provide a strong R&D opportunity for Bahraini universities.

Featuring a high-tech research and development component inside Bahrain, this project marks the first step in plans to build a powerful ecosystem in Awali, based on Petra Solar’s technology. This smart city ecosystem is the foundation for future applications and economic and infrastructure development opportunities in Bahrain such as outage management, intelligent street lighting controls, smart meters, smart appliances, electric vehicles, HVAC communicating controllers, demand response, Volt/VAr automated management, and, optionally, community storage.

The EDB is a dynamic public agency with an overall responsibility for attracting inward investment into Bahrain, and is focusing on target economic sectors in which the Kingdom offers significant strengths. The EDB played an instrumental role in attracting over US$300 million of investment from international businesses across a wide range of sectors in 2011. Petra Solar, which will be operating under the name ‘Petra Solar SPC’ in Bahrain, completed its in-country registration on 5 June 2012. This commercial registration authorizes the company to operate in-country for this and future smart city projects.