IP Overview LTO Electrodes for Lithium ion Batteries Patent Landscape 2012

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/wzj9kf/ip_overview_lto_el)       has announced the addition of the “IP       Overview LTO electrodes for Li-ion batteries Patent Landscape 2012”       report to their offering.

“IP       Overview LTO electrodes for Li-ion batteries Patent Landscape 2012”

In the current roadmap on emerging battery technologies, Lithium       Titanate (LTO) raises high hope concerning the possibility of high rate       capability, fast charge, wide operating temperature range and long life       cycle. Its lower operating voltage that can be considered as a handicap       also brings a significant advantage in terms of safety. The LTO anodes       are therefore of crucial interest for battery manufacturers and       end-users of batteries.

This interest results in a very high research and patenting activity in       the last five years. With the near expiry of the historical patents       (like the US5545468 Panasonic patent in 2013), many actors are building       up their portfolio in order to acquire a blocking position.

The present report analyses the patent environment and notably       highlights the strategy of current major players. These major players       are end-users (Toshiba, Panasonic-Sanyo, Toyota, ), battery       manufacturers (GS Yuasa, Enerdel, Altairnano), material manufacturers       (Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, LG Chemical, ATL, Titan Kogyo, Toho Titanium )       and institutional entities (University of Tsinghua, CEA, Argonne       National Laboratory, Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), Central South       University).

Reasons to Buy:

In a sector where 960 patents and patent applications have been filed,       the report titled IP Overview – LTO Electrodes for Li-ion Batteries       also focuses on the emergence of Korean (Samsung SDI), Japanese (Murata       Manufacturing), Taiwanese (Hon Hai Prec), European (Süd Chemie) and       Chinese manufacturers (ATL, McNair Technology and Liyuan Power Group)       and provides you with a comprehensive panorama of the intellectual       property landscape and helps you:

– Position your company’s R&D and IP Portfolio

– Identify key inventors and key players involved in specific       compositions of anodes

– Understand the collaboration networks and theirs dynamics

Please note that a three months access to the full patent database is       also included.

Companies Mentioned:

– Altairnano

– Cea

– Gs Yuasa

– Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha

– Lg Chemical

– Medtronic

– Panasonic-Sanyo

– Samsung Sdi

– Toho Titanium

– Toshiba

– Toyota

– Univ Tsinghua