NVMN Wins Three Choice Deals to Supply Lithium to Major Chinese Battery Companies

Nova Mining Corp. (OTCBB:NVMN) announce today that they have executed an  unprecedented third LOI for the supply of lithium to a major battery       manufacturing company in Shenzhen, China. This third deal is with Qiangqiang Battery Company. Qiangqiang is a major international       manufacturer and supplier of lithium-ion batteries for a myriad of  products, including smartphones, cameras, electric vehicles and computing tablets. The Company’s website can be seen at http://dgqq.zqpt.com/      Nova Mining Corp is benefiting from China's appetite for lithium by scoring three valuable Shenzhen  ...

Nova Mining Corp is benefiting from China’s appetite for lithium by scoring three valuable Shenzhen supply deals. (Photo: Business Wire)

The Qiangqiang deal comes on the heels of two other lithium supply deals       for major Chinese battery companies that all happened within a week. The       second deal is with the Shirui Battery Company and was announced just       this last Tuesday. Shirui is also a major international manufacturer and       supplier of lithium-ion batteries for smartphones, cameras, electric       vehicles and computing tablets. Shirui’s corporate website can be seen       at http://srbattery.com.cn

The first supply deal, announced just last Thursday (one week ago       today), is with Asia Power International, which is also a major       international manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries and it supplies the       computing and smartphone industry. Asia Power International’s corporate       website is located at www.asiapowercn.com/about.html

President James Dilger personally traveled to China for the purpose of       negotiating lithium pricing with battery manufacturing companies located       there. Dilger has described the Chinese company’s efforts to seek       lithium supplies as “very aggressive”. After experiencing the active       seller’s market for lithium in China, Mr. Dilger made the decision to       pursue multiple lithium supply arrangements there. To provide maximum       shareholder value, Dilger’s focus has been to leverage the best possible       positions for Nova Mining, while taking advantage of the current lithium       supply crunch.

Nova Mining Corp. (NVMN) seeks out the most potentially lucrative mining       projects, supplies and sales of strategic high-demand minerals, such as       lithium, as part of its aggressive economic business model. Lithium is       the main ingredient in long life batteries, like those used in Apple’s       (NASDAQ: AAPL) popular iPhones and iPads, Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet       and Tesla Motor’s new performance electric cars.

More information on Nova Mining Corp can be seen at: http://www.nova-mining.com

About Nova Mining Corp. (OTCBB: NVMN)

Nova Mining Corporation is a Nevada corporation listed on the OTCBB       under the trading symbol NVMN. The Company is a growth-focused entity       that seeks to acquire an international portfolio of strategic       high-demand mineral mining assets. Nova Mining competes in an industry       sector that includes FMC Corp.