Solar energy potential in Brazil, photovoltaic, concentrated solar power

Empresa de Pesquisa Energetica, the research institute of Brazil’s Ministry of Mines and Energy, has released a 60 page report on the competiveness and feasibility of creating a solar power industry in Brazil, photovoltaic and concentrating solar power.

The report evaluates current domestic capabilities, electricity prices, solar radiation measurements and existing solar capacity.

The report finds that for distributed rooftop generation, solar power in Brazil is already competitive in some regions, with the cost of producing power from solar being less than that sold by 10 of Brazil’s 63 electricity distributors.

Following the introduction of net metering legislation in April by Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica (Aneel), a boom is expected in the commercial and industrial rooftop PV market as businesses look to reduce their energy costs.

For centralized power generation, EPE report that solar is not competitive with other energy resources at present but with the downward spiraling prices of PV, there is great potential. One mechanism EPE proposes to the government is to introduce a solar specific auction that would send a clear message of Brazil’s commitment to solar power.