Venger Wind Obtains Patent Pending Status for Innovative Wind Turbines

Venger Wind, Inc. is pleased to announce a move from provisional patent status to patent pending status for its innovative Vertical Axis, twisted Savonius wind turbine platforms. The company’s unique V1, V2 and V2 Turbo platforms represent best in class small wind technology for architectural, industrial, commercial and residential applications worldwide. The turbines are currently rated from 2.0 to 4.5 kilowatts and are designed to start producing electricity at 14 kph (8.9 mph).

Venger Wind’s turbines are based on the work of Finnish engineer Sigurd Johannes Savonius who first invented the Savonius wind turbine in 1922. Venger Wind’s advanced Savonius designs are a significant evolutionary step forward in efficiency and performance from its predecessor.

Steve Polaski, CEO/COO of Venger Wind, said, “We are delighted to announce that we have completed the second phase of our patent portfolio for our VAWT technology platforms. We’ve been working diligently for over 2 years conducting research and development to test a variety of patentable systems and innovations that are applicable to our core wind turbine technologies. We offer innovative solutions to our industrial and commercial clients who have sophisticated needs and stringent performance requirements such as survivability in extreme environments. This latest patent application represents a more cost-effective solution with dramatically increased performance. Our design engineers have managed to create a smart and streamlined platform that can produce inexpensive clean energy for our customers.”

Mr. Polaski also said, “Venger Wind’s management team took precautionary steps to determine the strength and defensibility of our patent portfolio against several global competitors in the small turbine market. We retained an international patent law firm to produce a comprehensive patent opinion on the strength of our claims. We are very pleased with the results of this study and we are highly confident that our stakeholders interests are well protected and defensible.”

Venger Wind is a global clean technology company engaged in the design, manufacturing, marketing and sales of small wind turbines developed to generate clean and sustainable electricity. "We are dedicated to building sustainable relationships, being harmonious with the natural environment and passionate about finding a smarter path to a cleaner future.“