Bidding War in China for Lithium Could Be Huge Boost for Nova Mining

"It may be important to note that I did not call on anyone, but was invited to see manufacturers there right after the news began breaking about the critical shortage in lithium supplies," stated Dilger. "Phenomenal Apple iPad sales, exploding smartphone manufacturing and multiple tablet brand manufacturing are openly credited with sparking this lithium shortage and prices have already tripled. It is no secret that Chinese manufacturers would want to do everything in their power to support those manufacturing efforts by not running out of the main ingredient for long-life batteries for their electronics production industry."

"According to Bloomberg Businessweek, even large investment banks and hedge funds are quickly moving to profit from the new lithium demand and market conditions," Dilger continued. "I intend to see who will come up with the best offer, but I am not out to play games. I have a responsibility to Nova’s shareholders to get the best deal possible. I know that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush – but in this current market, a few lithium mines may be worth numerous gold mines."

Nova Mining Corp. (NVMN) seeks out the most potentially lucrative mining projects and supplies of strategic high-demand minerals, such as lithium, as part of its aggressive economic business model. Lithium is the main ingredient in long life batteries, like those used in many of Apple’s popular electronic devices, Microsoft’s new Surface tablet and Tesla Motor’s new electric cars.