Wind energy in Panama: region’s largest wind farm

“We need energy sources like these, [ones that are] cheap and don’t pollute the environment,” Martinelli told reporters. The wind power project is valued at $445 million and expected to be in operation next year.

Penonomé Park, 150 km southwest of the capital, will have a capacity of 220 megawatts and will produce the equivalent of 7 percent of the country’s energy demands. Panama, a country without oil, gets its energy primarily from hydroelectric and geothermic plants.

The wind energy park “will supply the energy needs of half a million people and will cut 145,000 tons of oil usage a year. It will also prevent the emission of 450,000 tons of carbon dioxide,” said Rafael Pérez Piré, managing director of the Panamanian Eolic Union, in charge of the wind power project.