Renault sells 1,000 Twizy electric vehicles in Germany

his means the Renault has been successfully shaken off the general trend of hesitancy that has been observed among the German automakers regarding the electric plug-in models. In the whole of Europe, the company has sold 6,500 Twizys.

Renault sells three versions of the vehicle. With the success of the Twizy electric models, Renault plans to expand the Twizy line. The company has plans to include the low-speed Twizy 45.

Thus the vehicle could be legally driven by unlicensed drivers who are 16 or older in certain locations as per the rules.

The base urban model of Twizy starts at £6,690 (about $10,483) The high-end Technic costs £7,400 ($11,596).

Twizy is expected to repeat the success while expanding the series. So far the sales figures are amazingly impressive for a car without side windows.