Wind turbines in India: Civic body to finance the 8.4 MW wind farm

The success of the previous project has prompted Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) to go ahead with one more initiative to go green. SMC has planned to set up another wind power project of nearly 8.4 megawatt capacity which will be coming up in coastal Saurastra in Porbandar.

The wind energy project will cost the civic body Rs 63 cores and once commissioned it will give 1.58 crore units of electricity which is nearly 11 per cent of the total consumption of the civic body.

Municipal Commissioner MK Das said they have invited tender applications for the project and once the standing committee approves it, they will start the work towards setting up the plant. The lights and fire committee chairman GC Gopani said they have approved the estimates of Rs 52.08 crore for the construction and Rs 10.65 crore for the operation and maintenance of the wind turbines for the period of ten years.

The wind farm mill have the capacity of 7.5 megawatt to 8.4 megawatt capacity depending up on wind turbines.  Out of the 1.76 crore units of power produced by the unit, SMC will be able to use or get credit for 1.58 crore units, after deducting 10 per cent loss. Gopani said they are planning to commission the project before March 2013.

SMC expects to use the credit from generation of power from this project in the expenses of Katargam water works and water distribution centers HT services. SMC is the first body to have two of its wind turbines operational at odedar of Porbandar district in Saurastra which has the capacity to produce electricity up to 1.5 megawatt each.

SCM s initiatives in going green and protecting the environment from the impacts of climate change are first of its kind and civic body has initiated programmes to generate power from solar energy. By the end of this year, main office at Mugalisarai and Science center will also be equipped with solar power generating units.